South florida REdi Scorecard

Are We REDI ?

Explore the results of one of the largest tech and innovation ecosystem assessments focused on measuring racial equity, diversity, and inclusion (REDI).






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Local Partners

Mana Tech
Ft. Lauderdale
Refresh Miami
Idea Center MDC
South Florida Tech Gateway
Startup Broward
Opportunity Connect
The Womens Fund
Miami-Dade County
General Assembly
Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance
Urban League CCCDC
Innovation City
Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce
Tech Hub South Florida
Social Change
Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce
The Launch Pad University of Miami
Forward Cities
Opportunity Connect
Product Hunt South Florida
Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance
Refresh Miami
Global Acquisitions
Smart Cities Americas
Local Leaders Collective
South Florida Tech Gateway
Broward College
Code for South Florida
Idea Center MDC
Miami-Dade County
The Lab Miami
Harvard Alumni Angels South Florida
Black Professional Network
Knight Foundation
Startup Broward
Ft. Lauderdale
Emerge Americas
Miami DDA
Social Change
Urban League CCCDC
Florida Venture Forum
The Womens Fund


Why Do We Need A Scorecard?

Racial equity, diversity and inclusion are chief among our core values.

But we often lack effective tools to help us understand whether these principles and priorities actually translate into practice.

That's why a coalition of over 80 South Florida organizations participated in our region’s first REDI Scorecard.

Over the course of one year, we gathered qualitative and quantitative data to identify gaps, assets and priorities for building a more inclusive tech and innovation ecosystem.

Now, we have a playbook for action.


What Is REDI ?

Ok, fancy buzz word aside, think of being REDI as an environment that is characterized by equitable access to opportunities, inclusive distribution of resources, and a culture of belonging.

In practice, however, we evaluate three main components of tech and innovation ecosystems:

1. Culture
2. Strategy
3. Assets

Learn more about this unique assessment framework by exploring the Insights.


How REDI Is Our Ecosystem ?

The findings help ecosystem players better understand the REDI Scorecard's main takeaways and the action-oriented opportunities available to drive inclusive growth.


How do we define what it means to be REDI on an individual, institutional, and  ecosystem level?

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How do we assess the REDI gaps, opportunities, and priorities?

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How do we ensure resources are both REDI and accessible to those that need them?

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